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  1. stephen keller

    i fortuitously found your blog —- which i like very much — while looking for lois johnson.. here’s the back story…. as i was trying to communicate with lois and you are the only recent google link i thought i’d contact you. it seems like the best shot.

    about fifty years ago i bought two of her prints at an art fair in madison, wisconsin.

    one of those, more or less abstract, entitled “interior with distance” became a favorite, reminding me of the many years i spent in india —- although i’m pretty sure that was not the artist’s inspiration or intent.

    when my house was destroyed by hurricane sandy last october that was one of the many things lost and i wanted to communicate my sense of loss and thank her for the many years of pleasure it had given me.

    if you have any idea how i might communicate with her by email or post, i would be very gratyeful .

    stephen keller (


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