>Focus on Printmaking


Well, it’s the start of a new year and a new decade, so it’s time to dust off the old blog and get busy writing and posting.

My interests are more and more focused on printmaking. That feels like a good source of new blog material. For instance, today I was in printmaking heaven. I was able to catch the last day of a printmaking exhibit at Rutger’s Zimmerli Art Museum – Blocks of Color – American Woodcuts from the 1890’s to the Present. Beginning with Arthur Wesley Dow, and continuing with Bertha Lum, Helen Hyde, Gustave Baumann, to Jim Dyne, and Helen Frankenthaler. While my interest is silkscreen, I hope to explore woodcut some day, and this show was a great introduction. Also, it sparked many ideas for the upcoming silkscreen term at Fleisher, which starts next week. Stay tuned for more printmaking goodness!


2 thoughts on “>Focus on Printmaking

  1. myowntimemachine

    >So is the image with the post one by Dow? It's wonderful. Can't wait to see your take on prints of place!(My word verification is "joistl" — some fancy architectural term I need to know?)


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