>Light & Day/Reach For The Sun

>The Polyphonic Spree

ok, so these folks are a little twee, and they DO look like a bunch of hippies who took over the church choir…but work with me here and give it a listen. Just reach for the sun, ok?


3 thoughts on “>Light & Day/Reach For The Sun

  1. sarah

    >What does “twee” mean? and yes, though it is indeed hard to take people seriously when in silly robes, i still enjoy a good brian wilson inspired tune!

  2. Bill Brookover

    >So true. Here's Wiktionary's definition of twee (I first heard it in the late 80's from the Scottish interns I hosted while at Independence):Etymology: The Oxford English Dictionary records the first use in 1905 in Punch.Adjectivetwee (comparative more twee, superlative most twee)PositivetweeComparativemore twee Superlativemost twee1. Overly quaint, dainty, cute or nice. Those Beatrix Potter animals are a little twee for my taste.Related terms * twee popQuotations1999: Despite the fact that the designs were all a bit twee . . . they stood out a mile in the market place at that time. — Janet Foster, Docklands: Urban Change and Conflict in a Community in Transition ISBN 1857282744, p. 822001: Forget the clichéd image of Brigadoon and shortbread tins, the dreadfully twee tartan tat and Celtic kitsch that, sadly, still exists in the 21st century, and is too often passed off as a genuine Highland experience. — Alan Murphy, Scotland Highlands & Islands Handbook: The Travel Guide ISBN 1900949946, p. 112002: As always with Disney, there are moments when it all seems a bit twee, others when it is excessively PC. — Peter Ellison, Folens Models for Writing: Essential Non-fiction ISBN 1843032317, p. 402005: I just wouldn’t have felt comfortable saying, "I am a duckbilled platypus, and this is how I find my shrimps." I think it would have been twee. — Richard Dawkins, Darwin's Rottweiler (interview) Discover magazine 2005-09-08


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