>My Father


I’m thinking about my father tonight. He died 5 years ago. By a twist of fate, the calendar lines up with the same days of the week this year, so the years sort of fade away.

This is where my folks lived before I was born. It is a bungalow on a farm just west of Abilene, TX. My dad was managing an oil field for my grandfather after World War II. They left here for him to attend Texas Tech to get a geology degree. That’s when I entered the picture.

I think I took this picture in 1973. At that time he was managing the oil field again, though it was only producing stripper wells by then. My folks lived in town, but he went out every day to keep the pumps producing, even though it was just dribs and drabs. I always enjoyed going out to the field with him. I know nothing about the oil business, but it was great to spend time with him in the car, talking about this and that.

This is the summer that I had fallen in love with Judy. I remember talking with him about my life, and my decisions. He was also completely supportive of me making my own choices. Judy and I got married the following June, and his advice stuck.

I really miss him, with his good advice and sense of humor.

This ones for you, WD.


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